For allergies | THIRD ISHIGAKI - サード石垣島

For allergies

Our hotel is committed to ensuring that our guests with food allergies can enjoy their meals as follows below.

  1. Guests with seven specified ingredient food allergies (egg, milk, wheat, wheat, shrimp, crab, buckwheat and peanuts) must notify us in advance.
  2. Please note that we may not be able to serve our guests with food allergies other than the seven specified ingredients in order to prioritize your safety.
  3. The ingredients used are confirmed based on information from the manufacturer.
  4. We will cook in the same kitchen as the rest of the menu. We also use the same cooking and cleaning equipment as the rest of the menu, which may introduce trace amounts of allergenic substances during the cooking process.
  5. Please note that in case of severe symptoms, we may be forced to refuse the order for the safety of our customers.
  6. Please check the above information before placing your order and make your final decision.