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Food & Drink


Enjoy the brightly colored and particular smorgasbord.
6:30AM - 10:00AM (L.O. 9:30AM)

Cured ham and Porched egg

The perfect combination of Italian prosciutto and sweet and sour lemon. The lemons are used in homemade lemonade and are marinated in honey for over 48 hours.

Shirmp and Island tofue quacamoli

Shirmp and Island tofue quacamoli is a mouth-watering dish. Served with mimolette cheese sauce.

Pork and egg rice ball

"Pork and egg rice ball," combination of spam and egg. An Okinawa soul food.

Cafe & Bar Time

Please enjoy your meal using Okinawan ingredients
Cafe & Bar Time 11:30AM - 11:00PM
(L.O. Food 10:00PM. / Dinks 10:30PM)
*FOOD Serving 3:00PM~

Island tofu hamburg steak locomoco

Using Island made tofu hamburg steak. Enjoy with our special brown suace.

Half-boiled egg tacos rice

Spicy taste tacos rice. Please enjy with stiring the half-boiled egg.

Island Pork Sausage

Two kinds of Okinawan pork sausages. Island hot pepper flavor and Island pickeled radish.

Homemade Sanpin Tea Cheese cake

Homemade cheesecake with the flavor of Okinawan sanpin tea. The cheesecake has a refreshing taste with less sweetness and is characterized by the flavor of sanpincha. Enjoy the refreshing taste even on hot days.

Brown sugar vanilla ice cream affagard

Rich vanilla ice cream and bittersweet espresso. Please enjoy it with Okinawa's brown sugar.


We have infusion cocktails made with Okinawan ingredients and wide selection of non-alcoholic cocktails with a resort feel.

Okinawa Goya Awamori

Okinawa-grown bitter melon marinated in Awamori. The bitterness is moderate, and it is finished in a refreshing and easy to drink way.
Recommended: With soda

Roasted Pineapple Awamori

Baked pineapple is sweetened by baking and marinated with Awamori. It has a tropical smell and look.
Recommended: With soda

Baked Apple Brandy

Apples baked in the oven and soaked in brandy for at least 3 days. The aroma of sweet apples and brandy, a dish full of elegance.

Okinawa Roasted Coffee and Brown Sugar Awamori

Awamori with coffee, a loved drink in Ishigaki Island, is arranged as a pickled sake. It is a refreshing and addictive.
Recommended: With milk

Lemon and Lime Citrus Gin

Lemon, lime and mint dipped in gin. Enjoy the crisp taste of citrus and a hint of mint.
Recommended: With tonic water

Homemade Lemonade Soda

Lemons are soaked in honey-cinnamon for over 48 hours. The sweetness is moderate and refreshing.

Homemade Frozen Lemonade Coffee

Mix homemade frozen lemonade with iced coffee. Enjoy the bitterness of coffee and the sweet and sour taste of lemon.

Pineapple Mojito

A combination of a refreshing mojito and sweet and sour pineapple. It's a drink that makes you feel summer in a refreshing way.

Banana Smoothie

A refreshingly sweet banana smoothie. It's a healthy drink that also contains pineapple and honey.

Food Menu

Cured Ham and Porched Edd
Shirm and Island Tofu Guacamoli
Salmon and fresh kiwi
Prok and egg rice ball
Acai Bowl
Pot Salad
Cafe & Bar Time
Island Tofu Hamburg Steak Loco Moco
Half-boiled egg tacos rice
Island Pork Sausage
Curly Fry
Prosciutto Salad
Homemade Sanpin Tea Cheese cake
Ice cream (vanilla/ purple yam/ salt chin-suko/ brown sugar)
Bar time
Island Sausage
Spam Dip
Three kinds of chesse
Seasonal Island Pickles
Mix nuts
Kids Menu
Rice Ball Set
Hamburg Steak Set
Curry set
Udon noodle

Drink Menu

Orion Draft Beer
Orion All Free Beer
Red Wine
*Please ask the grand staff
White Wine
*Please ask the grand staff
Sparkling wine
*Please ask the grand staff
Japanese Sake
Hanano-mai Nihon-to Purified Rice
Shochu (Japanese liquor)
Nikaido Wheat
Kurokirishima Potato
Seifuku Shikuwasa
Ballantine's FINEST
Jack Daniel's
Suntory V.S.O.P Slim
Gin & Tonic
Salty dog
Tequila Sunrise
Passoa Orange
Cassis Oolong
Campari Soda
Fuzzy navel
China blue
Infusion @ THIRD
Gin x Lime x Lemon x Mint
Brandy x Baked apples
Awamori x Roasted Pineapple
Awamori x Bitter Melon
Awamori x Coffee x Brown Sugar
Mixed Berry Brandy
Vodka with green perilla and island pepper
Non-alcoholic cocktail
Banana Smoothie + Mango
Elderflower Tea
Pineapple Mojito
Soft drinks
Sanpin Tea
Oolong Tea
Ginger Ale
Iced Milk
Coffee (Hot/ Iced)
Cappuccino (Hot / Iced)
H Espresso
Decaf Coffee (Hot / Iced)
Decaf Cappuccino (Hot / Iced)
Decaf Espresso
Espresso-Mint Squash
Lemonade Frozen Coffee
Black Tea
Classic Tea (Hot / Iced)
H Hibiscus blend Tea
H Getto Tea
Rooibos Tea
H Green Tea

For guests with food allergies