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We may ask you for a few business days to respond to email formatted inquiries.

Recommended use of PC e-mail addresses
There have been a number of cases where customers using a mobile phone email address ( / etc.) have not been able to receive our emails. Therefore, we recommend you to use a PC e-mail address (e.g. or instead of a mobile phone e-mail address.
How to check the receipt of emails
An auto-reply email will be sent to you immediately after your inquiry is complete. In case you do not receive the auto-reply mail, it may be sorted into the junk mail folder or the trash box by the anti-spam function.
If you have a domain rejector/junk mail filter set up before sending your inquiry, please set up to receive emails from "" or "" or enter a non-cellular e-mail address, then send us a message again. Please contact us through the contact form.

    Please use your PC email address, such as, instead of using your phone email address;
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