Best Rate | THIRD ISHIGAKI - サード石垣島

Best Rate

The accommodation rates offered on the official website of THIRD ISHIGAKI are guaranteed to be the "lowest price".

If the rate on the THIRD ISHIGAKI official website is higher than other reservation sites altough the contents are same, please contact us within 24 hours of making your reservation using the special form. We will do our due diligence and if the best rate is not met, we guarantee that you will stay at the same rate as the one you were informed of.

Best rate guarantee conditions of application

  1. The same hotel
  2. The same accomodation plan
  3. The same stay date
  4. The same number of nights
  5. The number of guests staying in the same room
  6. The equiavalent room type
  7. The same lenght of stay (Check-in and Check-out time)
  8. The same liquidation methods
  9. The same servies, terms of sell and the same cancellation terms.
  10. The same benefits
  11. The same meal plan

Conditions not covered by the warranty

In order to guarantee the best rate, we exclude the following cases from the comparison. Please note that we do not offer comparable rates in the following cases.

  1. Promotional rates for the booking site's own premium members
  2. Auction site (joint purchase site) purchase rates
  3. Rates that are considered a discount on the privileges granted, such as points and gift certificates
  4. Rates that vary with the exchange rate
  5. Package rates that involve the use of facilities, transportation, meals, etc., other than accommodation